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pobrienJune 192019

Building a response webpage? Here's a checklist

Consider using this checklist for your diocese,s response webpage

Elements for a comprehensive diocesan response webpage

  • The diocese’s response is primarily organized and accessible from one place online, such as a separate website or section of the diocesan website 
  • Be easy to find from the home page
  • Site is updated regularly
  • How to report abuse, clearly identifying that civil authorities should be contacted immediately
  • How to access victim assistance coordinator
  • Pastoral resources and outreach for victims/survivors
  • Summary of the child protection efforts 
  • Statement and/or video from the bishop conveying sorrow to victims/survivors and commitment to the protection of children
  • Diocesan policy against abuse in compliance with the Charter and other relevant policies including a stated zero-tolerance policy for abuse
  • Code of Conduct for clergy, employees and volunteers
  • Diocesan report on how the diocese has handled abuse
  • What happens when abuse is reported? What is the process the diocese uses to investigate?
  • List of clergy with credible allegations of abuse, including status of each case/clergy member
  • FAQs and definition of terms
  • How the diocesan review board works
  • Audit reports from the Charter, as well as statistics about how clergy, staff and volunteers are trained
  • Financial reports, such as the cost of abuse, care for victims and litigation
  • Funds or compensation program details for victims/survivors
  • Frequency and scope of background checks for clergy, lay professional staff and volunteers
  • Explanation of the screening of seminarian candidates and formation of seminarians
  • Parish pastoral resources such as a “parish crisis response kit.”
  • Links to other websites, columnists, videos and content on abuse, hope and healing
  • Prayer resources
  • Papal encyclicals and letters.
  • USCCB resources
  • Links to legal or public documents related to action taken against the diocese
  • Available in English and Spanish, other relevant languages for the diocese