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 | By Kayla Simon, CEO

Connection is at the heart of what we do

If you’d asked me several years ago to plot on paper the points of my career at FAITH Catholic, I could never have imagined the picture that would eventually emerge. I came to FAITH as a new college graduate with a degree in graphic design and a heart for helping people tell their stories. Now, looking back and connecting the dots, I realize God called me to more than just a design career. 

He called me to a mission I’ve  believed in since day one. 

At FAITH Catholic, connection is the heart of our mission: To connect people with Jesus and his Church. For me, that wasn’t hard to understand. I grew up in Fowler, Michigan, a small farming community settled by German immigrants in the early 1800s. Everyone I knew was Catholic. In fact, our community has produced many priestly vocations — including my two dear cousins. 

Using my talents as a designer, working with Catholic communicators and editors across the country, and helping them amplify countless stories of Christian witness was more than a dream job; it felt like a vocation. As if the Holy Spirit had intervened to put me right where I belonged. In 2015, I was named art director and in 2017, creative director, a role that called me to develop our design team and bring out the gifts and talents each of our amazing designers brings to our company. Serving on FAITH’s management team, I later was named executive director of publishing. Along the way, I earned a Certificate of Catholic Theology in Catechesis from the University of Notre Dame STEP program. This month, with Elizabeth Solsburg’s retirement, I’ll take on her responsibilities as president and CEO.

When I connect all those dots, I realize that the Lord is now calling me to take on a mantle of servant leadership to help advance the mission of the Church.

This summer, the National Eucharistic Revival culminates in a huge gathering of Catholics in Indianapolis where we’ll see countless young leaders invigorate the Church with their devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharist is at the core of who we are as Catholics. That’s why it’s exciting to see so many young adults help to evangelize the nation with the truth about the Eucharist: That Christ is truly present — Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity — under the appearance of bread and wine. Our mission is to help connect people with the power of this gift.

Connection. Connection with God, our faith and with each other. It’s the thing my husband and I try to focus on at our parish because we’ve learned that connection brings people in and brings people back. It’s the substance of relationship. It’s what makes us feel seen, and known, and loved. 

Connecting people with Jesus and his Church. 

It’s our mission. It’s my mission.