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 | FAITH Staff Report

Elizabeth Solsburg retires after 20-year career

After 20 years at FAITH Catholic, Elizabeth Martin Solsburg announced her retirement as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, effective at the end of June.  Kayla Simon will step into her role. 

Elizabeth’s service to the Church began as a catechist and RCIA team member. In 1998, she became the parish director of religious education in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a role she held for six years. When it was clear FAITH’s new custom publishing service would be in high demand, she was enlisted by FAITH’s first editor-in-chief, Father Dwight Ezop, to leave her parish position and join the fledgling company. As an educator for the Church, Elizabeth saw this new role as an extension of her vocation.

As new publications were added to FAITH’s roster, Elizabeth worked closely with every client to achieve their unique vision of a custom magazine that reflected the pastoral priorities and organizational goals of their bishop-publishers and leadership teams. With sensitivity and professionalism, she helped many Catholic journalists adapt their practices for new publications, and her support helped to ensure their success as magazine editors. In her role as editorial director, she also became a trusted confidant to Church leaders across the country, who often came to Elizabeth for advice and counsel on myriad issues. “For two decades, I have been honored to work with our publishing partners to help them tell inspiring personal witness stories, to catechize and to inform. It has been a joy to join in their work of evangelization,” she said.

Kayla Simon, an award-winning art director and graphic designer, joined FAITH Catholic in 2012. In 2015 she was named art director and became the company’s Creative Director in 2017. In 2023, she was named Executive Director of Publishing to lead FAITH’s publishing division and serve its publishing partners. Kayla holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Grand Valley State University and a Certificate of Catholic Theology in Catechesis from the University of Notre Dame STEP Program.

Elizabeth has called Kayla a “creative problem solver” who will offer thoughtful, steady guidance to the company as it enters its 25th year. “Kayla has been with FAITH for half of our corporate life. She’s a seasoned member of our management team and has led our largest department for several years. She represents the next generation of Catholic leadership,” she said. “Most importantly, she has a heart for our mission to connect people with Jesus and his Church.”

Reflecting on Elizabeth’s retirement, Kayla said the company was “blessed to have her as our CEO. Elizabeth is leaving behind a thriving company with 34 full-time employees, currently serving 66 publishing partners. More importantly, because of her devotion to Christ and the mission of his Church, she leaves a legacy of richly beautiful publications featuring powerful witness stories that have inspired untold journeys of faith. She has made a mark on Catholic journalism as an educator who has stressed the power of story, which — she often reminds us — is the extraordinary teaching tool modeled for us by Christ himself in his parables.”