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 | By Marybeth Hicks

FAITH now largest publisher of Catholic periodicals

In a span of less than 20 years, FAITH Catholic has grown from one magazine into America’s largest publisher of Catholic periodicals. In the United States, one out of four Catholics receiving a publication from their diocese receives a magazine from Lansing-based FAITH Catholic.

FAITH started in 2000 as a single magazine distributed to members of the Diocese of Lansing. Now, FAITH Catholic publishes 52 print magazine titles with a combined annual circulation of nearly 2 million.

Diocese of Lansing Bishop Earl Boyea made the following statement regarding the publishing company of his diocese reaching this benchmark, “Jesus has called us to go and announce the Gospel of the Lord. FAITH magazine was started in our Diocese of Lansing to assist us in accomplishing this great commission. In only a few years, we were able to turn this one magazine into a publishing service to help dioceses across our country. In years to come, it is our plan to expand this print medium as well as to branch even more into other media as we serve the Church in responding to the Lord’s call.”

Patrick M. O’Brien, president and CEO of FAITH Catholic, explained that both combined circulation and total number of titles put FAITH Catholic ahead of every other Catholic publisher in the United States or Canada. “Our review of the Catholic press found that the total combined circulation of all of FAITH Catholic’s 52 titles is 1,941,525, more than any other U.S. Catholic periodical publisher,” O’Brien said.

The 2018 Catholic press directory reports that, in the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada, there are 229 Catholic magazines and newspapers that have a combined circulation of 10,250,202. Mostly, the Catholic press is made up of dioceses that publish. In the United States, there are 178 Catholic dioceses (Latin rite). All but four publish either a newspaper or magazine.

Combined, the circulation of the U.S. diocesan press is 6,418,592. With a combined circulation of 1,593,525, FAITH Catholic’s 32 diocesan magazines constitute 25 percent of the circulation of the U.S. diocesan press. Plus, FAITH Catholic publishes for 16 other Catholic organizations with an additional combined circulation of 347,850. The total combined circulation of all of FAITH Catholic’s 52 titles is 1,941,525, more than any other U.S. Catholic periodical publisher.

O’Brien added, “I thank Bishop Mengeling and Father Charlie Irvin, who made the decision to start FAITH magazine. I thank our current leaders, Bishop Earl Boyea, and our chairman, Father Dwight Ezop, who have both been so supportive and committed to our mission and growth. Mostly, I thank our dedicated and talented staff and freelancers who produce award-winning, inspiring and beautiful publications that lead so many people into a greater relationship with Jesus and his Church.”