| By Marybeth Hicks

Parish digital content for only $5 a month?

For the last five years, American bishops made it a priority to encourage parishes to focus on developing parishioners as “missionary disciples” — followers of Jesus who live out the Great Commission in their daily lives. To assist parishes in this effort, FAITH Catholic expanded its offerings to parishes with a subscription called GROW+GO, consisting of weekly content tied to each Sunday’s scripture readings. The content breaks open the Word of God, helping to build up disciples and teaching them to evangelize in simple, practical ways.

FAITH asked parishes what they wanted to help them build missionary disciples, and the answer was ready-made, original content, formatted for bulletins, websites, newsletters, and social media. That’s what GROW+GO content is designed to do.

With nearly 300 parish subscribers, GROW+GO content already is reaching thousands of Catholics each week. Subscribing parishes receive a weekly email with a link to that month’s digital material. Each week’s content is offered in a variety of sizes and formats, suited for dragging and dropping into a bulletin layout, web page, e-newsletter, or as a printed handout. Each week also includes a ready-to-use social post referencing one of the scripture readings.

To help parishes take advantage of this subscription, FAITH makes it absolutely easily affordable. At only five dollars a month, GROW+GO provides effective teaching and formation in a professionally designed, downloadable product.

Want to tell your parishes about GROW+GO? Learn more and subscribe here.