Is your diocesan publication being read?

Recent research from FAITH Catholic shows that unless a diocese sends its publication into every parishioner home, 93% of Catholics would not consume Catholic content. 

The good news is that 57 U.S. dioceses send their publication to every registered Catholic home. But simply sending a publication doesn’t assure it is being read.

“We shouldn’t just send any publication into a Catholic home and hope for the best,” says FAITH Catholic president and CEO Patrick M. O’Brien. “When you look at a diocesan publication, you have to ask if it will get read, left on the coffee table and shared with others. We help dioceses send local magazines that form and inspire their people to grow as disciples who go evangelize. We know it works.”

When it comes to understanding reader behavior, FAITH Catholic knows its publications are being read. “We test each magazine for every diocese we serve,” O’Brien says. “We have a proven way to help bishops and their communications teams develop local, custom diocesan magazines that are effective.”

The 2018 readership surveys from FAITH’s client diocesan magazines are out. They prove that people are not just reading them but using them to evangelize. Here’s what the numbers reveal about FAITH Catholic magazines:

  • 85% said they read the most recent issue
  • 86% find the magazine attractive
  • 80% said the magazine is interesting
  • 60% of readers spend 15 minutes or more reading the magazine
  • 81% say reading the magazine makes them feel more connected to their Catholic faith
  • 80% say the magazine improves their understanding of the Church’s teachings

Do diocesan magazines from FAITH Catholic help parishioners evangelize? Yes!

  • Two-thirds say the magazine has helped me explain my Catholic faith to family and friends  
  • More than a third of readers discussed or forwarded an issue to someone else

“The bottom line is this. First, no other form of diocesan media or ministry can reach into every Catholic home like diocesan print.” O’Brien says. “Second, and more importantly, two-thirds of Catholics say they feel more equipped to evangelize after receiving a diocesan magazine from FAITH Catholic. We know how to help dioceses do this.”