| Marybeth Hicks

Four digital magazines designed for sharing content

See how a companion website can extend magazine content.

Dioceses and Catholic organizations can help people act as evangelizing disciples in the digital realm by creating content that can be used and shared to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This means publishing in a way that’s accessible and user-friendly, so that people can share Catholic content as easily as they have come to share everything from movie trailers to memes.

One way to promote digital engagement is to consider how a digital story is different from its print version. A print publication does all the work for its reader, organizing content in a particular order and presenting it on a specific page. Digital magazines don't necessarily require readers to make choices. They anticipate readers’ interests and present material in a format that capitalizes on engaged behavior.

Here’s how four of FAITH’s digital publishing partners are showcasing their content for online readers:

The Catholic Miscellany

The Diocese of Charleston, SC
The Catholic Miscellany is building momentum around the National Eucharistic Revival with a section called The Real Presence, where readers can find educational articles about the sacrament of the Eucharist as well as witness stories that connect people with the beauty of the sacrament.

Catholic Spirit

The Diocese of Austin, TX​​
Catholic Spirit shares local news stories that celebrate the faithful in its Faith in Central Texas section, where readers can learn about events and people across the diocese. Every story can easily be shared on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), as well as emailed to family or friends.

One Voice

The Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama
To help readers incorporate faith in the daily struggles of life, One Voice offers its Therapy section, providing answers to difficult situations from a licensed professional therapist practicing in the diocese’s Catholic Family Services office. Articles are perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Gulf Coast Catholic

The Diocese of St. Petersburg
From movie reviews to stories about using tech in daily life, Gulf Coast Catholic helps readers use media and technology to further their Catholic faith in its Media Technology section. Content in this section is especially appropriate for sharing via social media and email.