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mhicksOctober 132021

Free digital resources help parishes welcome people to Mass

The message from Church leaders is loud and clear. They believe a key to encouraging people to come to Mass is to make them feel welcome. Especially in this post-pandemic era, we have an opportunity to communicate more effectively the message "you are welcome at this parish.”

In an effort to help dioceses and parishes prepare for the return to communal worship, FAITH Catholic created a variety of materials that parishes can download and use, at no cost, as they formulate their communications strategies. Materials include a sample parish communications plan, sample letters for a pastor to adapt to his parish plan, and fully designed digital downloads for posters, postcards, pew cards and social media posts.

The goal is to give parishes some basic tools they can use without spending precious resources. Some of the materials, such as postcards and pew cards, can even be customized with confession and Mass times.

We offered free resources for dioceses and parishes at the start of the pandemic and heard from many people how helpful it was. As Church leaders turn their attention to the future, we want to continue to be as supportive as we can.

Click here to check out these free resources!